Grievance Policy

LeaderOne Financial Corporation has a policy in place should a consumer have a complaint. They may phone our corporate office at 800-270-3416 and speak to any member of management. The complaint will be routed to the appropriate department and responded to within 3 business days. An “in-person” meeting may be offered to the client as well.

Every reasonable effort will be undertaken to satisfy the customer’s complaint. A complaint forwarded by a State Department of Banking & Finance will be promptly reviewed and a response provided to the Department within 15 business days of the receipt of the complaint by the company.

If not resolved, the consumer may phone the number below or use the contact form to send us information about how we can improve our service to you.

Credit Report Issues?

  • You may also go directly to the credit bureaus and apply for a free credit report, once a year at
  • If the complaint is about a credit report, they may dispute the inquiry by writing Certified Credit, Avantus Credit, or Informative Credit.
  • Once a consumer receives a credit report, they may dispute transactions either by E-mail or by phone with the contact information listed on their report.

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Having been involved with 10,000+ closings in my career gives me the rare ability to anticipate problems or issues that are likely to occur with your loan in two, three or four weeks down the road. My team and I address these issues up front, or can adapt more easily when needed, ensuring a smooth loan process. My team and I work very hard with each department to make sure you have the best home buying experience possible.

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